About Us

At Academy Massage Therapy, we put our clients first. It is our goal to ensure you get the best possible massage experience. Whether you are here for a relaxing massage, stress or pain relief, our experienced staff will ensure you get the most out of your massage!

Our Philosophy

As we continue to rely more on technology and less on the physical body we risk the loss of strength and muscle tone. Our fast paced lives cause stress on a daily basis. Sitting for extended periods of time and repetitive motions causes stress and strain on the muscles and joints.

Academy Massage therapists are award winners, and beyond their educational requirement are passionate about continuing with their education, always remaining current in their knowledge and treatment practices to ensure that best possible treatment outcomes are achieved and are brought to our patients.

We are proud to provide exceptional service in many modalities of massage therapy and wellness services. We have over twenty therapists on staff that want to work together to ensure that we provide you with a great treatment and the right therapist to suit your specific needs, giving you a treatment tailored to you. Whether you are coming in for sports injuries, daily stress relief, or just want a relaxing massage, we are able to suit all your massage needs. With one of the largest staff of registered massage therapists in Winnipeg, you are welcome to try any available massage therapist or feel free to request a specific therapist that you have found worked best for you in a previous treatment.

We believe that your treatment will be most effective with your input. You are always encouraged to give feedback before, during, and after treatment. If at any point something is uncomfortable during treatment make sure to let your therapist know, if ever you wish for more pressure you should also let your therapist know. Your therapist can work with you to find a treatment that works for your needs, this will include regularly scheduled visits as well as home care such as stretching.